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Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls and other hardscape products translate into the best structures that improve communities. In particular, these systems can decrease maintenance needs and can help reclaim previously unusable areas.

NCMA members provide a wide variety of hardscape products for all types of applications. Segmental retaining walls can be used for earth-retention projects, articulating concrete block can be used for erosion control, and fence walls can be used to provide privacy and architectural enhancements to communities. The opportunities to utilize hardscapes into projects are limitless. Produced and distributed locally, hardscape products support local communities. And these systems can be used from small landscape walls in backyards to tall walls in commercial and institutional applications. Find out more about segmental retaining walls, get technical information and support, and browse case studies and project profiles below.

Benefits of
Segmental Retaining Walls



SRW units are manufactured from concrete that is durable even in harsh environments.



SRW units are modular, allowing for nearly any layout scalable to any size application. And incorporating other hardscape products makes design choices nearly infinite.


Aesthetically Pleasing

hardscape products are produced with a variety of aesthetic options, from colors to textures to match surroundings or stand out for exciting contrast.

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